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Saturday, February 16

8:30-9:15 Breakfast Griggs Center
9:15-9:30 Opening remarks by Dr. Maria Gini and Dr. Arshia Khan Griggs Center
9:30-10:30 Undergraduates: group wrap up Kirby Rafters

Graduates: "My journey to a career: finding passion and purpose through engineering" by Katherryn Rasley

Griggs Center

10:30-12:00 Undergraduates: group presentations Kirby Rafters
10:30-11:15 Graduates: "Research and writing methods", by Dr. Alexis Elder Griggs Center

Graduates: "Preparation for academic careers", by Dr. Shana Watters

Griggs Center
12:00-1:00 Lunch Griggs Center
1:00-3:00 Registration / Career fair Kirby Rafters

Poster session:

Graduate students

  1. Chelsey Edge, "Adaptive Search Techniques for Underwater Robots", Twin Cities
  2. Xinyue Hu, "Data-driven Power Flow Analysis", Twin Cities
  3. Kanthi Narukonda, "Social Media Engagement: Motivations for female collegiate students towards participation and following of women in tech social media groups", Dakota State University
  4. Francisca Opoku-Boateng, "Salaries in Higher Education Systems: A System-wide Perspective on Career Advancement and Gender Equity", Dakota State University

Undergraduate students

  1. Evan Composto, Emily Hansson, "Improving Typing Efficiency in Everyday Virtual Reality", UMD
  2. Zakaria Daud, "Modelling Influence and Belief Change in Social Networks", UMD
  3. Elizabeth DeMunck, Brandi Morgan, and Melody Vang, "Edge Computing on Mobile Devices", Twin Cities
  4. Hannah DuBois "Active Learning Classification Tool", Twin Cities
  5. Angelica Fleury, "Exploring Affordances in Virtual Spaces", UMD
  6. Thomas Kagan, Ryan Marr, Brody Wanner, "Art with AI: Style Transfer with Convolutional Neural Networks", Twin Cities
  7. Corinne Kieras, "Algorithmic Bias in Modified Naive Bayes Implementation", St. Olaf
  8. Nam Phung, Outlier Detection in a Single Multi-dimensional Data Stream, UMD
  9. Sunny Qin, Ashmita Sarma, Marissa Allen, Thu Tran, "The Big Picture: Analyzing the Limitations of Tensorflow’s "Show and Tell" Image Captioning Model", Twin Cities
  10. Sadaf Rahman, "Procedurally Generating Realistic Networks for Capture the Flag Scenarios", UMD
  11. Laura Rietveld "Time Complexity", Twin Cities
Kirby Rafters
4:15-4:30 Welcome remarks by Dean Wendy Reed Griggs Center
4:30-5:30 Academic keynote speaker Dr. Tawanna Dillahunt Griggs Center
5:30-6:30 Dinner Griggs Center
6:30-7:30 Talk by Yang Song, from Google Griggs Center

Lightning talks:

  1. Ancy Tom, "Scalable Graph Analytics", Twin Cities
  2. Borui Zhang, "Research work in computational linguistic", Twin Cities
Griggs Center


Sunday, February 17

8:00-8:45 Breakfast Griggs Center
8:45-9:45 Industry keynote speaker Dr. Tonya Custis, from Thomson Reuters Griggs Center
9:45-10:45 Career panel: Dr. Maria Gini, Dr. Tonya Custis, Dr. Tawanna Dillahunt, Dr. Bethany Kubik, Christianah Adigun Griggs Center
11:00-11:30 CyHER talk by Dr. Pam Rowland, Dakota State University Griggs Center
11:30-12:30 Graduate school panel: Dr. Maria Gini, Dr. Sophia Knight, Dr. Andy Poe, Ancy Tom, and Yumna Anwar  Griggs Center
12:30-2:00 Lunch and conclusion Giggs Center